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About Dr. Mary Audia - Palmer College Graduate


BA Degree in Business from the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA 1996


Advanced training in Auto Accident/Whiplash Injury by Dr. Dan Murphy,D.C.
Internship, Sports Injury clinic in Myrtle Beach, SC
Associate Chiropractic Doctor, Multi-family practice in Auburn, WA
Owner of a private practice in Austin, TX
Seventeen+ years of experience in successfully treating families, adults and children (backpacks), pregnant women, golfers, skiers, weight lifters, bicyclists, and runners, while enhancing recuperation times of those injured in auto accidents and injured at work.
President of the Iowa Chiropractic Society


State of Iowa Chiropractic License
Successful Completion of parts I-IV and Physiotherapy of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Prior Licenses held in Washington, South Carolina and Texas.


Dr. Audia is dedicated to keeping current in chiropractic techniques and is a passionate professional dedicated to using her clinical expertise for the care of the individual, and the Iowa community.  She currently serves as a board member of Secure Care Inc. and was awarded "Outstanding New Chiropractor" in 2009.

Dr. Audia does ergonomic presentations for local businesses and was featured on Channel 4, in conjunction with the Iowa City Chanmber and the Blue Zones, discussing the dangers of sitting.

Her chiropractic clinic is now in the Grand Rail Development near Hwy 965 and Oakdale Blvd in Coralville.




Dr. Audia LISTENED very intently to my problem, RESEARCHED what could be done and came up with the following:  She had X rays taken of my back to determine my "bad" spots, she adjusted my spine, and she observed how I played the piano.  As a result of her diligence, I am now receiving periodic adjustments, I have a different piano bench that enables me to have better posture, and she has worked with my trainer at Body and Balance to work with exercises to straighten my back muscles.  NO NASTY CORTISONE SHOTS, NO BACK PAIN.  SHE IS TRULY MY GODDESS...Linda F, Coralville.

Community Involvement

Coralville - Iowa River Landing

Dr. Mary Audia plays and active role in the Iowa City area.  Here are some of her current activities in the community.

2010 Haiti Medical Supplies Collection Project in Coralville, IA
2009-2010 Team Chiropractor for the LPGA tour in Marion, IA
2009 Health Fair Screenings at Vangeant Corp. in Coralville, IA
2008-2010 Developed language for the IA Dept. of Public Health regarding Prevention and Chronic Care for the State of Iowa
2008 Flood Relief/ Sandbag Team, Coralville, IA
2007-2010 Iowa City Area Legislative Issues Trip to Des Moines, IA
2006 Muddy Creek Clean Up

Dr. Audia is available for corporate and education institution prevention/wellness program consulting.

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Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic Adjustment -  An adjustment is a specifically applied force to a joint that exhibits a decrease in normal motion. An adjustment is used to restore normal motion, decrease pain and decrease muscle tightness. The adjustment is applied wth the Doctor’s hands.  Chiropractic Techniques used are Upper Cervical, Flexion/Distraction, Palmer Package, and other low force techniques.

Cryotherapy- Ice is used typcially when you have a new injury. When it is new, it is in its most inflammed state. It's sensitive to the touch and very painful. Ice reduces the pain, decreases blood flow to the area and reduces inflammation, providing you with relief.

Myofascial Therapy- Myofascial therapy refers to therapy to your tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, other tissues). We have onsite therapeutic massage therapists who induce structural and functional changes in your tissues to promote healing at Body and Balance.

Electrical Stimulation- Utilizes a mild electrical current into the tissues of your body. This electrical current causes your nerves to activate and your muscles to contract in a safe and controlled manner. We may use electrical stim to control pain, swelling, and muscle spasm.

Ultrasound- We may use ultrasound to heat your muscles and the surrounding tissues to reduce muscle spasm, reduce pain, increase blood flow, increasing metabolism and healing, decrease joint stiffness, and to increase the flexibility of scar tissue that may be present in injured tissues.

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