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Chiropractic Techniques

Dr. Arianne uses techniques taught at Palmer College of Chiropractic, including Flexion Distraction, Toggle Recoil, Thompson Drop Table, Diversified Adjustments, and Soft Tissue Therapies.


Flexion Distraction is performed using a chiropractic table that moves the legs and pelvis gently up and down.  This provides a stretching motion in the low back and throughout the spine allowing muscles to relax and pulling nutrients back into the discs of the spine.  It is a relaxing decompression of the spine, which reduces pain and inflammation.


Toggle Recoil is a gentle neck adjustment performed while the patient is on his or her side.  Slight pressure is applied to the neck below the ear and a piece on the table moves down with the momentum.  Toggle does not require any twisting of the neck and does not create a cavitation (no "popping" noises).  It improves nerve conduction to help with daily function and reduce pain without requiring torsion of the arteries.  Toggle has helped many patients reduce neck pain, neck stiffness and headaches.


Thompson Drop Table is used throughout the spine from the neck to the pelvis.  When pressure is applied to areas of the spine, the cushion underneath the patient drops down about an inch.  This allows the momentum of the table to move the segment in the spine rather than "pushing" the spine back into place.  To the patient, this means less pressure because the muscles are less likely to go against gravity.


Diversified Adjustments are performed throughout the spine in conjunction with the Thompson Drop Table.  Adjustments allow the spine to move more freely, which prevents muscle guarding and inflammtion.  It also reduces pressure on nerves allowing better communication between the brain and the rest of the body.


Soft tissue therapies are done based on patient need.  Ultrasound is used for breaking up deep scar tissue from old injuries or chronic overuse, such as golfing or typing in the same position all day at work.  Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is used to relax muscles and reduce inflammation in painful areas.  These work best in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments to provide optimum healing.


We offer free foot scans to determine the integrity of the arches of the feet and weight distribution patterns.  These scans help the doctor determine if the pain in the back, hips, knees, ankles, or feet are related to the feet or the pelvis.  Custom orthotic inserts and shoes are available to order based off these scans, as well.

Chiropractic Techniques


Nueromuscular Reeducation- Neuromuscular reeducation refers to retraining your tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, other tissues) to function as they were designed.  We have a posture pump that gradual restores the natural curvature of the neck to reduce headaches and neck pain.

Electrical Stimulation- Utilizes a mild electrical current into the tissues of your body. This electrical current causes your nerves to activate and your muscles to contract in a safe and controlled manner. We may use electrical stim to control pain, swelling, and muscle spasm.

Ultrasound- Ultrasound is used to heat your muscles and the surrounding tissues to reduce muscle spasm, reduce pain, increase blood flow, increasing metabolism and healing, decrease joint stiffness, and to increase the flexibility of scar tissue that may be present in injured tissues.

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