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Wellness Lifestyle

Regular Exercise


Exercise is key to a balanced life!  30 minutes a day of exercise can reduce stress and boost energy levels.  It can be hard to motivate yourself to exercise, but your body will thank you.  Don't forget to stretch before and after a work out because flexibility helps keep your spine healthy.  Using a foam roller gets all those hard to reach muscle relaxed.  You work your mind all day, don't let your body feel left out!

Start by finding which activity is best for you!

Sitting all day and feeling stiff? Try yoga or pilates
Arthritis makes movement difficult? Try swimming or water aerobics
Looking to lose weight? Try cardio workouts, such as walking, biking or stairs
Athlete wanted to get in shape for next season? Try weight lifting combined with cardio
Strained for time? Put a pedal bike under you desk

Heat Vs Cold

Heat Vs Cold

Wondering whether to use ice or heat on those sore areas?  Here are some tips to guide your decision!



Pain following an injury

Pain is long term, such as arthritis or constant tension

Joint pain or swelling around moving part of body

Muscle spasms causing tightness and pain

After workout soreness

Before workout to loosen muscles

If you are unsure, please call or stop in to the clinic, so we can look at your unique condition.

Cryotherapy (ice treatment) and Hydrocollator packs (heat treatment) are available at the clinic to help you get the most out of your chiropractic care.